Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Joe Knows Sandwiches

Joe Doe has been one of my favorite restaurants from day one. Joe Dobias' "Aggressive American" cooking won me over instantly. The creativity he shows and liberties he takes with classic "American" fare is always good and never boring. Imagine Popeye coming home after years of sailing the globe, downing a can of spinach and deciding to become a chef.  His decision to rework the classic Passover Seder made me a disciple. Any one that can work magic with boxed matzo must have been touched by the Hand of God.

The Choir of Angels that sang one night when I was walking down 1st Avenue only confirmed it. I saw a heavenly glow coming from across the avenue. I crossed over to see from whence the celestial light was emanating. As the Angels reached a crescendo I saw the two heavenly words. Sandwich Shop. 

Joe Dough is the new sandwich shop from the Joe Doe team. OK, it is not the pearly gates, but it is good and it will put a smile on your face. Situated on 1st Avenue between Stromboli's Pizza and This Little Piggy (St. Marks and 9th Street), Joe Dough takes sandwich classics and gets them ready for a fight.

Roast Beef Sandwich?  "The Almighty Brisket" with brisket, cheddar, horseradish mayo and fried onions on a brioche bun. 

French Dip? "L.E.S French Dip" with griddled tongue instead of Roast Beef. 

Club Sandwich? "Chicken Avocado Club" with tomatillo chicken and bacon on challah.

Other sandwiches include the "JoseDoe Cubano," "Stoners Delight" (grilled cheese) and a welcome return of a sandwich they used to offer at JoeDoe, "The Conflicted Jew" (challah, chicken liver, bacon, onions, goosebumps, Lipitor).

All the Sandwiches are 10 bucks, 14 with drink and chips. Drinks include house made Celery Soda and Lime in da Coconut, Manhattan Espresso Soda as well as the usual sodas. 

Joe Dough is a welcome addition and a bright spot in the proliferation of Subways that have been popping up all over the L.E.S. Forget "Eat Fresh." Eat Strong! Way to go, Joe.


  1. am so excited for a cuban! this place is going on my list of Musts for our NYC visit!

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