Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Pizza Test

I don't want to get political here, but I do have to address Herman Cain. This is not about his gaffs, personal flaws, etc. I am judging him by the true standard any New Yorker should. The Pizza Test.

As we know, another Republican hopeful, Donald Trump (really holding my tongue here) sealed his fate when he took Sarah Palin for a slice in Times Square and ate it with a fork. It just confirmed for the nation what we here in in NYC have always known about Donald. And now we have Herman Cain.

Mr Cain's claim to fame is that he was the head of Godfather's pizza, the 8th largest pizza chain in the US. And there, folks, is the reason he can't be President. Mr Cain's highest accomplishment is passing off crappy pizza as real NY pizza to the unsuspecting masses west of the Hudson River. And at a chain called it "Godfather's" no less to give it an air of New York "authenticity".

Godfather's is behind Pizza Hut, Sbarro's and Little Ceaser's for crying out loud. Have you ever eaten their pizza? It is awful. So imagine a pizza chain that can't even beat those guys. No thanks.

Herman Cain may not have a grasp of foreign policy, the tax code or collective bargining, but his his true fault lies in not having a grasp on how to make a good Margarita pie.


  1. Loving the blog Big Poppa. I still can't get the Donald eating pizza with fork out of my mind. And I agree, Godfathers is the worst. What is your favorite NY Pizza joint?

    1. I'm with Jan: what's your pizza #1? We're headed back to the big cit-ay for xmas, and Liam is planning our pizza tour: Patsy's (he loves the pepperoni), Totonno's (which when we left this summer was closed by the health dept., never a good sign), San Marzano, Posto, Motorino. Not necess in that order. Weirdly? REALLY good pizza in Delhi. India. Who knew? I think a whole pizza post and maybe a write-in for suggestions...


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  2. I'm with Jan: what's your pizza #1? We're headed back to the big cit-ay for xmas, and Liam is planning our pizza tour: Patsy's (he loves the pepperoni), Totonno's (which when we left this summer was closed by the health dept., never a good sign), San Marzano, Posto, Motorino. Not necess in that order. Weirdly? REALLY good pizza in Delhi. India. Who knew? I think a whole pizza post and maybe a write-in for suggestions...

  3. My favorite pizza? Hmmm. Right now Motorino on 12th, but this is a much bigger question. It is kind of like asking what was my favorite candy that I secretly stole and ate out of my kid's Halloween bags. I promise a post about pizza very soon.

    Big Poppa

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