Friday, December 9, 2011

No Conflict here.

I made a return visit to Joe Dough today with one thing on my mind. The Conflicted Jew. I was not disappointed.

The Conflicted Jew is a decadent heart stopper of a sandwich. Grilled challah is slathered with the smoothest, creamiest chopped liver you have ever tasted. The chopped liver is topped with sweet sauteed onions and, here comes the conflict, bacon. Traif? Oh yes! (Look it up gentiles). Any conflict for me? No. Luckily, I am a former Altar Boy, so I can always go to confession. And in a welcome touch, with a classic Joe twist, the sandwich comes with a little side of homemade apple sauce that is really a delicious apple pie filling. The bright, sweet flavor works contrasts perfectly with the sandwich.

Round two and Joe Dough delivered. The only problem next time will be what sandwich to get. T.C.J or one of the many other tempting sandwiches? Call that the Conflicted Catholic. 


  1. dang. my mouth is watering. here in the bacon-free country (well...there is the back room of one of hte grocery stores for pig products) ... i'm going to make this place one of our stops in nyc...but i'll pass on the chopped liver. i'm a midwestern gal at heart, and chopped liver reminds me way too closely of deviled ham. I know, blasephemy, but what can i say.

  2. OK, we need to convert you to chopped liver. Don't think of it as deviled ham. Think of it as Hebrew Pate.