Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chinese beef jerky? Oh yeah.

I emerged from my lunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor into one of those glorious early spring days in New York City. Sunny and 70 degrees, it was too beautiful a day to pass up so I decided on a stroll through Chinatown. The streets were alive with activity, and you could feel the energy in the air on this bright Friday afternoon.

I walked slowly, looking in every window, making mental notes of the restaurants and pastry shops I had to try in the future. I wandered the aisles of a supermarket, fantasizing about the elaborate Chinese Feasts I could make. I stocked up on Yam Yams and Pocky Sticks for my girls.

On an impulse I made a left onto Bayard Street from Mott. As I made my way toward Mulberry a store front caught my eye. It had a number of articles posted in the window. I read them and went in. I had discovered New Beef King.

New Beef King is owned by Robert Yee. Using an old family recipe he makes Chinese style beef jerky. The jerky is not dehydrated. Instead, it is marinated and slowly baked at four different temperatures. Finally it is grilled with a special sauce. The result is a delicious, moist and chewy jerky that is unlike anything you get in a bag at a Duane Reade.

Most of the jerky is made of beef. There is the regular (which is made with a tasty, tangy oyster sauce), fruit flavored (a bit odd but worth trying) and spicy (delicious). New Beef King also makes pork jerky which has a lighter flavor and is quite good. The pork and beef also come in a spicy "wet" style, with the jerky doused in the special sauce.

In addition to the jerky strips New Beef King also offers the beef in chunk style, which give you a meatier bite.

The folks at New Beef King could not be nicer. The store is bright and clean and the jerky is delicious. For the jerky fan it is a must. It is the perfect snack for a day wandering the streets of NYC.

New Beef King - 89 Bayard Street, NYC -


  1. Amazing how simple it can be to communicate with people and have them understand a certain topic, you made my day.

  2. Oh yeah, I love that Chinese jerky. 800 brand or something. It's softer than normal beef jerky and the hot and spicy ones are the best. Mobdro