Monday, April 16, 2012

Big Poppa hits the road.

My apologies for the radio silence. Passover, Easter and the kids' spring break all lined up this year so the past ten days have had me on the road with the family. The downside is I have not had a chance to post. The plus side (I think) is I now have a lot to write and post about. Hopefully the flood gates will open.

This year we stayed fairly local and made a trip up to Boston to see family, friends and a little bit of history. Because this was a family trip with the kids I did not have a chance to hit every spot I wanted to try. That said, we had some great meals, and for those of you with kids, what follows are some great spots where the whole family (especially the adults) will be happy.

Don't have kids? How do scallop rolls, lobster rolls, a great update on prosciutto and melon, the Pilgrim's original hot pocket, grilled cheese and tomato soup and a nice cappuccino with a home made candy bar sound? As I said, something for everyone. Coming up first, scallop rolls in Mystic, CT. Stay tuned.

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