Sunday, April 22, 2012

On the road Part 3: A coffee pit stop at Thinking Cup

Fully stuffed from the Parish Cafe Lobster Roll, I found myself on a mad dash with the family across Boston Common. Karen was on a mission to get on the 2:30 tour of the Freedom Trail. We made it just in time to join Bob the Patriot, resplendent in his three cornered hat and period garb, as he began a journey back in time.

Don't get me wrong. Bob was very entertaining and well informed. An expert in 18th century decorative arts by trade, he was really, really into being a tour guide through the foundational history of this country. From the two graves of Paul Revere to the Boston Massacre and beyond, Bob did a yeoman's job. But the one hour twenty minute tour ran to two hours and by the time we arrived at Marshall Street we were all tapped out. We stopped in Faneuil Hall Market looking for some sustenance and then started the walk back to the car.

When we had initially parked the car and started our day in Boston, a sign had caught my eye. "Stumptown Coffee." It was in front of Thinking Cup Coffee Bar on Tremont Street. If you are familiar with this blog, then you know I was stopping into Thinking Cup before we got the car.

Thinking Cup is the first coffee shop in Downtown Boston to serve Stumptown coffee. They offer coffee, pour over, espresso and everything else a self-respecting coffee shop has today as well as a nice selection of organic tea. For breakfast they offer a number of fresh breakfast pastries and other breakfast options. For lunch they have a half dozen sandwiches. Dessert pastries also have pride of place, which we took advantage of.

Thinking Cup is a long, deep room, divided in half. On the right, coffee, food and pastries at a counter that runs the length of the room. On the left, ample seating with a banquet that runs the nearly the length of the room. When we stopped in around 4:30 in the afternoon nearly ever seat was taken, many of them with laptops open. If someone told me I was on the Lower East Side or parts of Brooklyn I would have believed them. I guess "Stumptown" is a magnet for the modern day coffee shop dweller, no matter what town you are in. It is fine with me. I had a well made Stumptown cappuccino in my hand so I had no complaints.

We were heading to dinner with family after our day on the Freedom Trail and we did not want to arrive empty handed. That is where Thinking Cup's pastries came in. They offer an enticing array of sweets and we picked up a nice sample for our dinner.

We settled on two chocolate eclairs, two fruit tarts, a mini Boston Creme Pie and a mini cheesecake. They were a big hit at our family dinner. I would have been happy with just my cappuccino but the pastry selection at Thinking Cup turned out to be a big bonus. I would be happy to return and sample some of the other pastries, breakfast or dessert, with my coffee.  It may not have a particular "Boston" flavor, but Thinking Cup was a welcome refueling spot right in the heart of Downtown Boston. It has all the comforts of home a coffee snob like myself could want.

Thinking Cup Coffee Bar - 165 Tremont Street, Boston -


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