Friday, October 5, 2012

Neighborhood Notes

Here are a few quick updates on activity in the neighborhood:

On Monday I met friends at my new favorite spot for drinks, The Wayland. I tried a great new cocktail, "The Girl Upstairs." Black tea infused bourbon, peach jam, lemon, simple syrup and bitters. Similar to their All Star Jam cocktail, The Girl Upstairs is sweet, sour and a little smokey. Delicious. My friend Don had their Pimms Cup and it was great.

The big news is that the Wayland, which is located on the SE corner of 9th Street and Avenue C, has taken over the space next door and should debut their expanded space by October 17th. It will have a bigger bar and larger kitchen. They are expanding their menu so expect the delicious bacon smell that pervades the bar to continue. Clearly their formula is working. Can't wait to see the new space.


                                                 The Girl Upstairs @ The Wayland

In the category of neighborhood game changer, Pushcart Coffee is branching out from the L.E.S and is opening a new shop on the NE corner of 21st Street and 2nd Avenue. The store should hopefully be open by the end of next week. It will feature Stumptown Coffee as well as pastries. They have set up a pushcart with coffee in front of the new location and are offering free tastings of their pastries. These are people who know how make a good first impression. See you there.

Not surprising BaoBQ on 1st Avenue 13th Street has closed.


  1. Not your run of the mill Pimms Cup, I assure you. Place is soulful.

  2. I ordered the following foods from them. Wings with homemade Buffalo sauce, curly fires and blue cheese with House Slaw. I can say with all honesty I was disappointed. The blue cheese was very poor, no real blue taste. The curly fries were incredibly salty. MYBKExperience