Monday, October 15, 2012

SF Days, SF Nights: Coffee

Amid the warehouses and design studios of the Potrero Hill (or is it Dog Patch) area of San Francisco a loading dock has been converted into a coffee spot called Front.

It is a small spot with an open air feel to it. They have a mini Probat roaster in the middle of the store so they can hand roast their well sourced beans on the spot.

Chemex, individual drip and great espresso are on offer. Great care goes into what they do. I ordered a cappuccino then sat back and watched.


Bright yellow picnic tables wait curbside, inviting you to sit an linger and enjoy your brew.

I loved the small design details at Front.

When I was done, I asked if I could pick up a bag of their espresso beans. They happily obliged. The gentleman who made my cappuccino proceeded to weigh out some beans and then  hand write a note on my bag.

A brief explanation of the origin of the beans and suggestion for brewing.  These are the small touches that help separate Front from the rest of the pack. That and the fact that they made the single best coffee I had in San Francisco. Haters stay away. This is craft.

Front - 150 Mississippi Street -


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