Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cheese making 101

In October I had the great fortune to go to Wisconsin for a visit with some of the Badger State's top cheese makers. The trip was sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board of Wisconsin and I was there on behalf of TheDailyMeal.com. It was a fantastic trip and I couldn't wait to get back home to write about the experience. Unfortunately, a little thing called Hurricane Sandy showed up and knocked all of us here in the NY/Tri-State area sideways. You may have noticed a severe lack of posting from me.

Fresh cheese curds from Widmers Cheese Cellars

I am happy to say I am finally getting back to normal and I plan on some furious writing between now and Christmas. I have a lot to share. However, I did write a piece for TheDailyMeal.com on cheese making and it is live now. It gives a brief history of Wisconsin cheese making and a slide show on how cheese is made. you can check it out here:


I think you will enjoy it. It gives you a taste (pun intended) of what I saw, who I met and what I ate. More stories to follow. Enjoy.

Here is a shot of me as I toured Emmi Roth Cheese. Dig the beard net!


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