Monday, February 25, 2013

When life hands you Lemons - eat Lemon Chicken

I received one of the most dreaded pieces of mail, a jury summons. Grand Jury to boot. I have served jury duty before, but never Grand Jury, and this was a Grand Jury notice. Thanks goodness it was state and not Federal, but still. It says I will serve everyday, all day, for two weeks. Bummer.

But when life hands you lemons, look for some really good Lemon Chicken. I have decided to see this as an opportunity to explore Chinatown. I have ten days of lunch hours surrounded by an array of great Chinese restaurants. I am going to try a different one everyday and really get a sense of what Chinatown has to offer. So, starting tomorrow night, look for updates (Monday - Friday) of the day's discovery. I will do my best to post each night. And if you have any great suggestions for me within walking distance of 100 Centre Street please let me know. Let the eating begin.


  1. It is sickening how every year, instead of waiting to see if one 'nonsense' program works, the school systems hears about something new and scraps the one that they spent millions on and trained teachers on- remember the one that every teacher balked at but resigned to learn because the powers that be said this wonderful new program I write my essays cheap about was what was best for our students and get use to 'it' because it was here to stay?