Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Chinatown Project Day 6 - Shanghai Asian Manor

Getting into week two of lunch in Chinatown I was starting to get a good feel for the restaurants. I had tried to hit a few different styles of Chinese cooking and felt I had done a fair job so I was ready to start comparing restaurants with similar styles and menus but mixing up the dishes as well. So on day 6 we hit Shanghai Asian Manor on the corner of Mott and Mosco.

Shanghai Asian Manor is a fairly small restaurant. Big booths run along the right side of the room, two and four tops fill the rest of the room. It is a comfortable place with a fairly modern look and well kept. Here is what we had.

Steamed Tiny Buns with Crabmeat and Pork:

More soup dumplings, but we mixed it up and went with the house specialty, crab and pork. Really nice soup dumplings and the crab/pork combo was a winner. The crab brought a little bit of the briny sea to the standard pork filling. A nice change of pace.

Wonton Szechuan Style:

This was my favorite dish at Shanghai Asian Manor. The noodles were fresh and delicious. The spicy Szechuan sauce was thick like a paste, not runny. The sauce was fiery and rich. No dumbing down here. An excellent version of this dish and worth returning for it.

Sliced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables:

Solid dish. Honestly not would I would usually order but the table wanted it and again, a really good version of the dish.

Sauteed Baby Shanghai Boi Choy:

Good, fresh, clean, simple and virtuous. 

Diced Chicken in Hot Pepper Sauce:

Also known as Diced Chicken with Hot Pepper and Peanuts. Another top notch version of a classic dish. Nice chunks of chicken. The two keys were the sauce, which was piquant and flavorful, and the peppers. Red and green, crisp and fresh. Perfectly cooked so they retained their snap and bite. This confirmed Shanghai Asian Manor as a solid go to in Chinatown.

Shanghai Asian Manor is a really good restaurant with consistently good cooking and good ingredients. If you want to dig deeper into the menu you will be rewarded. But if you are looking to order the same things you always get, they will have one of the best versions you have had. Definitely worth a visit the next time you are on Mott Street.

Shanghai Asian Manor - 21 Mott Street @ Mosco


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