Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Chinatown Project - Day 7 - New Bo Ky

Day 7 found us at New Bo Ky, a restaurant with a fairly singular focus. New Bo Ky specializes in noodle soups. A lot of people go to New Bo Ky thinking it is a Vietnamese restaurant because the sign out front says PHO in big letters and. I believe it has some Vietnamese writing as well (I confess my ignorance). It is not. New Bo Ky is a Chinese restaurant, but it's offerings do touch ground in Vietnam. That focus pays off.

New Bo Ky looks like your standard bare bones Chinatown restaurant. Chances are you will be seated at a large table with other customers. The clientele is heavily Chinese and most of the waiters have a minimum grasp of English. The service is brusque but very fast.

Bo Ky offers soups with beef, pork, chicken and various other animal parts. For those who like kidneys, intestines and feet, Bo Ky has you covered as well. But since they specifically tout their seafood noodle soups on their store sign, that is the way we went.

The best thing not soup related is their roast duck. Bo Ky calls it Country Duck.

A little sweet and sharp with a vinegar bite. We devoured it.

Fish Dumpling w/ Flat Noodle Soup:

A winner. Great fish dumplings, wonderful seafood broth and excellent noodles.

Jumbo Shrimp and Egg Noodle Soup:

Another fine seafood noodle soup. Can't go wrong with either.

Mustard Greens:

Simple greens with a little sesame oil. Nice.

One special note. In addition to all the usual condiments there are two containers of home made hot sauces on each table. One is a red sauce, similar to what you would find in a spicy wonton dish. The other is a green sauce, with green chilies that would not be out of place in a Mexican restaurant. Use them. They are amazing. In fact, when we paid the bill, the woman who gave us our check asked if we had tried them. We told her we had and loved them and she was very happy. It turns out, she makes them herself.

Quick, easy and delicious, New Bo Ky brings the goods for all noodle soup fans. Oh, and one more thing. It is insanely cheap. That big bowl of Fish Dumpling soup? $4.75.

New Bo Ky Restaurant - 80 Bayard Street, between Mulberry and Mott

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